Western Gothic
A Gold Rush Mystery

“A powerful blend of images and experiences that rely on well-developed protagonists and settings steeped in historical background and different acts of courage.”

~ Midwest Book Review


“A brilliant novel.  He mixes horror, love story, and detailed descriptions of a beautiful historical setting with a perfect balance.”

~ Critical Blast 

“Bruns' prose invokes not only fear and suspense, but also proves his steady and deliberate writing voice.”

~Writer’s Digest

An Old West X-Files

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The Widow of Half Hill

The Treatment of Slime

A Cat Herder Goes West

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The Widow of Half Hill


A cryptic telegram lures him to a town atop a cliff, dissolving daily into mud and fire, to face an ancient anger. 


Street by street, the town of Iowa Hill tumbles from her lofty precipice into the valley below. Even more terrifying to Paula is the unthinkable new threat, hidden by night, victimizing her family. When her husband goes missing and her stoicism is spent, she must suffer the help of an unlikely duo: the rich, affable drunkard Conrad Crane and his uncouth enforcer, a combative woman named Apple.


Estranged for six years, Conrad is anxious to bring his formidable resources to help. But Paula finds his outrageous vices and Apple’s antisocial behavior unacceptable. Her high-born stubbornness proves more challenging than untangling the web of intrigue strangling the town. Clues are legion, but simply defy belief…


Can the unorthodox methods of Conrad and Apple save them all before its too late?


The Widow of Half Hill is history with a twist, yet closer to the truth than you’ll ever believe. 

© 2021 by Brian David Bruns | contact@briandavidbruns.com