Unsinkable Mister Brown
Cruise Confidential, Book 3

From Foreword Magazine:

Humorous and heartfelt, this book explores the depths one man will dive to for the woman he loves. This daring spirit resonates throughout the narrative, ringing true for anyone who's ever defied his circumstances and demanded something more. 

Winner—USA Best Book Awards

Silver—Paris Book Festival

Bronze—London Book Festival

Bronze—Hollywood Book Festival

Book of the Year, Humor finalist—Foreword Magazine

Book of the Year, Travel/Essay finalist—Foreword Magazine

The series shines a harsh light on the ugly realities of working in the cruise ship industry, but in this latest book, these hardships are secondary to the woman Bruns endures them for. With a candid, no-muss style, Bruns shows just how smitten he and Bianca are with one another, though they're not without their jokes and stubborn streaks. Beneath the playful jabs and willful tempers is a force of gravity that binds them, even when the waves get rough.

“This is a really entertaining true tale by a guy who struggles through the bizarre world of cruise ship employment. Bruns paints a clear picture of ‘how the sausage is made’.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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