Ship for Brains
Cruise Confidential, Book 2

From Midwest Book Review:

With a grand dose of humor and a good dose of memoir, Ship for Brains is a fine pick, not to be overlooked.


Book of the Year, finalist—Foreword Magazine

Bronze—London Book Festival

Finalist—New York Book Festival

Finalist—San Francisco Book Festival 


Returning with his award-winning wit and delightfully candid narrative voice, Brian David Bruns brings us the first and only exposé of art auctioneering on the mighty liners, where the tenet of "what happens at sea, stays at sea" has always been observed - until now. Perhaps the icon of excess, cruise ships carry many strange diversions for those with money to burn. Ship for Brains looks into…the twists and turns of politics that often occur when one lives on a ship and what can be experienced upon it. We are transported to the sea as our likable guide vividly shares his misadventures, triumphs, flirtations, and, above all, his amusing and astute insights into human nature.

“Bruns doesn’t hold back when it comes to discussing his experience of working on cruise ships.”—Thomas Cook Magazine (United Kingdom)

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