Rumble Yell
Discovering America's Biggest Bike Ride

Grand Prize Winner - USA Regional Excellence Book Awards

Book of the Year, Humor - Foreword Awards

Winner - Sports, USA Regional Excellence Book Awards

Bronze - Paris Book Festival

Finalist - Book of the Year, Travel- Foreword Awards


The rollicking, true story of two men rekindling an old friendship after twenty years. Foolishly, they choose to reconnect over a hometown tradition that just happens to be the world’s biggest bike ride: RAGBRAI.


500 miles of biking during the hottest week of the year - humidity 100%, bugs 1000% - seemed like the ideal way to "get to know you" again. Their plans are waylaid by a last-minute addition: an outrageous, mysterious sailor named Cheek. His presence is not only intrusive, but utterly disastrous.


Rumble Yell begins with the story of Bruns’ training regimen in Las Vegas, where this novice rider learns a series of valuable—and hilarious—lessons, such as not to wear underwear with biking shorts and the proper way to look into a latrine while wearing a bike helmet.

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