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From Tome Tender:

A blind, deaf man is seen summoning the devil and chaos ensues. An old paper mill, an undelivered letter, gruesome deaths, haunting spirits and a damaged soldier’s vow to keep his younger sister safe. 

Book of the Year, Suspense, Finalist—Foreword Magazine

Book of the Year, Horror, Finalist—Foreword Magazine

From readers:

"The descriptions in the book were fantastic, and made me feel like I was actually in 19th century Italy. The village of Amalfi came to life for me, along with its characters."


"With precision the author creates characters that are complex, realistic and unforgettable." 

"The characters are each unique and well fleshed out, each with their own story to tell. Their voices are rich and reach out to the reader in fine fashion."


“A brilliant novel.  He mixes horror, love story, and detailed descriptions of a beautiful historical setting with a perfect balance.” —Critical Blast 

“A powerful blend of images and experiences that rely on well-developed protagonists and settings steeped in historical background and different acts of courage.”

—Midwest Book Review


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