High Seas Drifter
Cruise Confidential, Book 4

“This man has seen it all.” — Deborah Roberts, ABC 20/20


While plying the Mediterranean on the world’s largest sailing vessel, Bruns finally becomes a part of a ship family. But one of these kindred souls—perhaps the ship photographer, perhaps the chief officer—scuttles his career at sea once and for all. It wasn't the betrayal that bothered him so much, but the lawsuits.

See why Brian David Bruns is the only cruise author to be featured on 20/20—on two separate occasions!


“The real party is going on in the crew’s quarters.”—USA Today

“I couldn’t put it down.”—Chicago Sun-Times

“Witty and self-deprecating [Bruns] has a flair for dialogue, and his book is chock full of whacky characters…”—Blogcritics Magazine


“I found it absolutely hysterical!”—Peter Greenberg, Today Show

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