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30 behind-the-scenes cruise bites to entertain and delight.


Discover life below the waterline, where dozens of nationalities combine into a true melting pot. From multiple Humor Book of the Year author comes the memories, the dramas, and most of all the laughs, of a job unlike anything else in the world.

We enjoy vacation. They live adventure.

"Spray crashing, thunder blasting, bodies rolling around a heaving floor. Ship on the rocks? Nope, just a typical midnight party in the 'under-the-waterline' world of the workers who make big cruise ships hum... breaks down the water-tight doors that keep passengers away from the really wild times at sea." 

—Peter Mandel, author of My Ocean Liner

"These delightful misadventures at sea will shock and delight any buffet-ready cruise traveler."

—Jen Leo, editor of Sand in my Bra