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Gone with the Waves

Brian never thought a single conversation could steal his heart and expand his world. But when he strikes an instant connection with a Romanian beauty, he gets swept up in a hilarious, carefree, romantic escape to her native Transylvania. So when she must leave to work on a cruise ship, he impulsively dons his sailing cap and follows her.


The delightful Gone with the Waves romantic comedy series is entirely of true events in the author’s life. If you enjoy travelogue-like settings, witty banter, and reckless hearts, then you’ll adore Brian David Bruns’s continent-spanning adventure.

Cruise Confidential

The most-selling, most-awarded cruise series of all time, Cruise Confidential is the one that started them all.

Join Bruns through his years working on the world's biggest cruise ships. The life was harrowing, hilarious, and nearly impossible to believe. Daily he was challenged to ask if it was all worth it. Judge for yourself!

Other Titles

Discover a haunted Italian coast, experience a Civil War battle, be trapped in Arctic ice aboard a research vessel, or ride the biggest bike ride in the world - all from the comfort of your home!  

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