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I value your readership and your opinions about my books.  Really! Here's what's involved in being part of the BDB Team:

Whenever I have a new book coming out, I will send you an email asking if you want an early review ebook edition. If you are able to write an honest review (preferably within the first week of release), then I'll send you your copy to read BEFORE it's on sale. I'm also happy to send you free copies of my existing books if you're happy to review them. Happiness all around.

There will be signed paperback giveaways sporadically to the BDB Team that are not available to my wider audience. ​

If you like listening to audio, I will also provide free audiobook codes so you can listen to the new books and review on Audible.

If you enjoy the books in any format, you post reviews on the online bookstores, social media, and anywhere else you feel like sharing. Your opinions make a huge difference in helping me (and other authors) reach new readers. I'm also happy to do interviews for your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Just send me an email. 

Of course, if you change your mind you can unsubscribe any time.

To join BDB Team you need to have written at least 1 review of any of my books. (This is to make sure only true fans join up.) If you want to join the team, please apply via this page's form and then look out for an email confirmation.

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