If you enjoy travelogue-like settings, witty banter, and reckless hearts, then you'll adore Bruns' continent-spanning adventure.

"It's wonderful and heartwarming to read a book full of love, passion, and heartbreak from a male perspective."

Narrated by Brian David Bruns

From Romania with Love audiobook cover
Wet Orpheus audiobook cover Brian David Bruns
Gone with the Waves audiobook cover Brian David Bruns

"His true tale of a year working for Carnival Cruise Line is at once a soap opera and an expose. His hilarious and bizarre accounts of crew life are captivating, which makes this a permanent fixture on the cruise-themed bookshelf."

Narrated by Gary Furlong & Brian David Bruns

Cruise Confidential audiobook cover Brian David Bruns
Ship for Brains audiobook cover Brian David Bruns
Unsinkable Mister Brown audiobook cover Brian David Bruns

“A powerful blend of images and experiences that rely on well-developed protagonists and settings steeped in historical background and different acts of courage.” 

“He mixes horror, love story, and detailed descriptions of a beautiful historical setting with a perfect balance.”

Narrated by Gary Furlong, Scott Bennet, Thomas Stone & Brittany Morgan Williams


The Gothic Shift audiobook cover Brian David Bruns

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